Lappeenranta – Why should I ever leave?

Sari Kaasinen

Folk musician, Managing Director (Kehruuhuone)

“I really enjoy living in Lappeenranta! The town is beautiful, just the right size and an excellent location – midway between Helsinki, St. Petersburg and my home village of Rääkkylä.

Lappeenranta has the great, captivating communal spirit of a small town. I've become a great fan of SaiPa, even though I wasn't interested in hockey at all before moving here.

What I particularly like about Lappeenranta is its equal appreciation of culture and sport. Right now there's a really great vibe here! Local culture and the pride in traditional Karelian skills are emerging in an admirable fashion.”

Sari's TOP 5 places in Lappeenranta:

1. Own home
2. Kehruuhuone culture café (still under construction) at the Fortress
3. Harbour
4. The town's splendid beach promenades
5. Kisapuisto Ice Stadium

Niina Virtanen

PR ambassador of Lappeenranta, bronze medal winner at the Finnish cross-country skiing championships

“I moved from Lahti to Lappeenranta to study chemistry technology at LUT. I was tempted by the small size of the university and the praise it has received for its spirit of community. After moving, I experienced a positive culture shock: South Karelians are quite different from the stiff folk of Häme! People here are joyful, open and communicative.

As an athlete, Lappeenranta's excellent, versatile training environment is important to me. What's best are the beautiful landscapes around Saimaa. Being close to water is by far my favourite aspect of this town.

I really enjoy the South Karelian way of life, with its joy and openness. There are also several potential employers in the region, so I believe I will stay here for a long time.”

Niina's TOP 5 places in Lappeenranta:

1. Skinnarila campus
2. Huhtiniemi jogging trails
3. Harbour
4. Myllysaari
5. Fortress

Ville Koho

Captain of the SaiPa ice hockey team

“The best thing about Lappeenranta is that you find everything here, and within close range at that – services, nature, work and friends. The town is neither too big nor too small, but human-sized.

As a home town, it is a very comfortable and beautiful place – particularly the harbour area, which has very few even close to it in Finland. There are also great outdoor terrains and opportunities for recreational activity, as well as Saimaa, of course. My family and I spend a lot of time at our summer cabin.

I absolutely love living in Lappeenranta. My whole family has been very happy here!”

Ville's TOP 5 places in Lappeenranta:

1. Home
2. Summer cabin
3. Ice stadium
4. Horse race track
5. Harbour

Satu Luoto

MD, PhD, specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, Eksote

“My husband and I moved here from the capital region. Lappeenranta fit the bill purely from the point of view of quality of life – we wanted to get rid of the urban traffic jams.

Moving to Lappeenranta felt like going on holiday. Here, the soul is at rest even on the way to work – from Pikisaari, we can commute by boat, on foot, by bicycle, on skis or by car.

Lappeenranta offers all elements of well-being. Services are within walking distance, and there is an immense range of leisure activities. In addition, there's plenty going on all the time.

Many friends first wondered why we chose Lappeenranta, but stopped wondering after visiting us here.”

Satu's TOP 5 places in Lappeenranta:

1. Home on Pikisaari Island
2. Boatyard at the historic prison of Konnunsuo
3. Saimaa
4. Harbour
5. Sand castle