City in the middle of one of the most beautiful part of the world

Saimaa is a Finnish national treasure which the people in Lappeenranta get to enjoy every day. The stunningly beautiful landscape and clean nature and fantastic recreational areas attract visitors from around the world.

Wall Street Journal: Saimaa among top five of world's lakes

"A sprawling network of islets, channels and islands." This is how the Wall Street Journal described Lake Saimaa, rating it among the five most spectacular lakes in the world. Saimaa is described as an idyllic bolt-hole of natural beauty. Its forested banks are dotted with rustic wooden cabins while the lake itself is packed with trout. Read the article here.

The Saimaa Canal

Take a cruise on the exotic Saimaa Canal from Lappeenranta to St. Petersburg or Vyborg– without a visa. If you want to special summer day on Saimaa, why don't you take a lunch cruise for a couple of hours or enjoy a fabulous dinner admiring the archipelago. The Saimaa Canal Museum is open in the summer if you are interested in the Canal's history.


Renowned sand sculptors put to together fresh ideas and three million kilogrammes of sand to create a fabulous monument on the shores of Saimaa near the historic Fortress for the summer months. Sandcastle has already transported us to the jungle, space, pirates and princesses, scientific achievements and famous sights, in the middle of the Stone Age, to the world of dinosaurs, to the circus and so on.

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Lappeenranta Fortress

Lappeenranta's lively Fortress with its museums, cafes and handicraft shops invite you to relax for a moment and view the Saimaa scenery from the top of the fortification. The Fortress's grass fields are an ideal place for a summer picnic.

The fortifications make an ideal setting of natural beauty for a summer picnic..

Harbour Square

The Harbour Square is a popular meeting place in the summer. Many pop over for a lunch around the harbour kiosks or just sit and enjoy the harbour atmosphere.

Vety (Hydrogen) and Atomi (Atom)

Vety is a traditional snack of Lappeenranta that blows your mind away. "You won't be disappointed," says the man behind the kiosk counter.

Vety is a meat pastry filled with ham and egg, with spices added according to taste. Atomi is a light version of Vety, with either the ham or egg taken out. Both delicacies are available at the Harbour Square and Market Square.

Pusupuisto (Kissing Park)

Lappeenranta's Old Park, also known as the Kissing Park, was founded in 1850 outside the southern fortification on Lappeenranta Fortress. It began to be called the Kissing Park, because it became a popular meeting place for conscripts and their girlfriends. Lappeenranta's oldest kiosk, Kissing Park Kiosk, built in 1893, is situated on the edge of the park.

Rantapuisto (Shore Park)

In the late 19th century when the City Bay harbour was under construction, the shore area was cleaned up and became known as the Shore Park (or Casino Park), and was further developed to attract spa travellers. Nowaday families with children come to the park because of the playground. The shore area with the benches and the harbour and its kiosks are popular meeting places and picnic parties can often be seen in the tree shades.


Get a spectrolite stone for yourself. The beautiful Ylämaa gem, spectrolite, is the national gemstone of Finland and the regional gemstone of our province.